On June 19, 2019, a tool was dropped from the top of Unit #2 at the Encogen generation plant, falling to the ground approximately 15 feet from a contractor who was working below.

On that day, two PSE employees were at the top of the unit fastening the drum doors, when they realized they could switch to a smaller alignment tool to make the job easier. At the same time, a contractor who had been working in the area below the day before, came back to verify that their job was complete. The contractor did not know, or notify the PSE employees working at the top of the unit of their presence. One of the Journey workers then laid the smaller alignment tool on their lap, where it slipped off their leg and rotated vertically, allowing it to fit through the grated decking and fall to the asphalt 57 feet below.

The tool landed approximately 15 feet from the contractor who was inspecting the previous day’s work. The two PSE employees immediately recognized someone was below them and checked on them to make sure they were not hurt. Plant management was informed, and a safety stand-down occurred.

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