On  May 22, 2019 at 11 am, a GFR Gas Worker lacerated their finger while helping move fencing covering an excavated gas service. The employee and GFR Fitter were at a job site to perform a cut and cap. The contractor had already exposed the service and had used some temporary construction fencing and plywood with dirt piled on top to cover the location.

The Fitter began to pull the fencing away while standing down slope. The Gas Worker, seeing the Fitter was having some difficulty, reached out to help lift and move the fence from his location. As he grabbed the opposite end, it lurched suddenly catching his finger between the end of the post and the phone pedestal. The impact caused a deep cut to his right index finger. The Fitter provided immediate first aid contacted PSE Injury Care who evaluated his condition made arrangements for further medical treatment at a near-by clinic.

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