Equilux Inc is a boutique studio providing graphic, website, and fine art design through a diversified service portfolio. The company and its consultants offer expertise in a range of visual arts and website coding disciplines and is known for its professional, and personal approach. Equilux offers a client centric approach, which is central to its success. Clients include government, utilities, small businesses and private clients. For a sample portfolio of the recent project experience please click here.

Equilux, Inc was incorporated in 2017 in Alaska, and is also registered in the state of Florida. Prior to incorporation, Maria Talasz has been providing design services as self proprietor in Alaska since 2002.

The story behind the name of Equilux

Our spring and autumn equinox is when the sun’s path crosses an imaginary line in the sky that we call the equator. The length of day and night is nearly equal but not quite, because the sun’s rays are bent (refracted); thus one can be lit up before the sun actually rises. When the length of the day and night are truly equal, it is called equilux. This actually happens a few days before the spring equinox and a few days after the autumn equinox, and the day of equilux differs, depending on where one is located in the world.

Our location

The Equilux studio is located in the mountains of Eagle River, Alaska.

Maria Talasz,
PO Box 772606
Eagle River, Alaska 99577